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Personalized Prescribing Inc. is a cutting-edge pharmacogenomic testing company focusing on precision medicine. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Personalized Prescribing Inc. offers a new dimension and a fresh perspective to the utilization of this exciting new science.

The recent pharmacogenomics revolution has spurred healthcare professionals and the industry, food for thought pertaining to current medical practices in the course of prescribing patient medications. This exciting new technology provides tangible options to individuals suffering from chronic illness, especially mental health issues and chronic pain. At Personalized Prescribing Inc., we partner with individual patients, pharmacists, physicians, employers and insurers to offer personalized drug evaluation, pharmacogenomic test and consultation services to ensure the employees are on right drug and dose and suffer minimal side effects.

We designed our own pharmacogenomic panels and developed proprietary software to process the genetic findings and generate digital reports. Our services include personalized and “easy to interpret” summary report from our Pharmacists with customized recommendations for individuals. For physicians, an additional section of “rationale for recommendation” are comprised in the summary report which is well-recognized by medical professionals.


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