We believe that psychotherapist/ psychologists are the best individuals suited to talk to their patients about our test, as they regularly see patients who open up to them about their medication side-effects. These side-effects can interfere with the patient’s ability to benefit from psychotherapy and can lead to despair and patient distrust of medicine. The psychologist/ psychotherapist can help the patient advocate for their health by proposing a genetic drug compatibility test that can help the patient and their physician individualize therapy.

You can reassure the patient that our company is based in Toronto, so patient privacy and confidentiality is safeguarded as per Canadian law.   Patient info. is not shared with any third-parties (i.e. insurers), as it is illegal in Canada for third parties to decide coverage based on a genetic test, as per the genetic anti-discrimination act in Canada. The patient’s information is only shared with you as well as any other individuals for whom the patient has provided consent to access their results.