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COVID 19 Testing FAQ


What is the accuracy of this test?

This test is extremely sensitive for the presence of COVID-19 virus, it is almost 99% accurate provide that the sample is sufficient and not contaminated. The test can detect the presence of the virus within 2 days of infection and up to 30 days after infection.

However, the test is extremely labor intensive requiring many hours for completion. That could result in human error and a false positive result or a false negative result. 

Therefore, you must call your doctor if you tested negative but developed symptoms.  

Does this test constitute treatment advice?

Absolutely not. Personalized Prescribing does not provide treatment advice on COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. You must listen to your health professional advice.   

Why should I ship the sample “immediately”?

Saliva samples and their COVID-19 stabilizers become unstable after 48 hours, so you must arrange with Purolator before depositing the saliva to make sure the sample gets to us well within the 48-hour period. Remember Purolator needs some time to deliver!  

What is an “Asymptomatic Carrier”?

A person who is infected with the COVID-19 virus but does not suffer or show any symptoms of the virus. Such people are very dangerous, as they could be infecting their friends or family or co-workers inadvertently.

Can I get tested even if I have no symptoms?

Yes, due to lack of tests, governments, understandably, are testing healthcare workers and people with symptoms. This test aims to test people that are not displaying any symptoms, to isolate the asymptomatic carriers and thus help halt the spread if the virus. 

Will this test tell me if I have COVID-19 antibodies or immunity?

No, It only detects if you have the virus or not.

What do I do if I test positive?

First, do not panic! A large majority of the population might not display any symptoms or display mild symptoms. However, you must understand that you could be infecting others, so you must self-quarantine as per the links below. If you develop mild symptoms like dry cough and high temperature, you must call your doctor so you may be monitored.

If you develop serious symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pain you must be rushed to the nearest hospital. 

If I test negative, can I relax? 

No, you must continue your diligence, continue social distancing, hand washing and avoid touching your face. 

What are the hours of saliva consultation?

Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. It advisable that you set up an appointment by email for the time you wish to receive the saliva consultation, otherwise you may be disappointed and must wait. 

Can I deposit the saliva without consultation?

Yes, as long as you strictly follow the enclosed instructions, or go to our website for a video of how to deposit correctly.

Can I get infected after I test negative?

Absolutely! The test only informs you that you were not infected on the date you provided the saliva.