P3, Personalized Prescription Plan, is a new employee benefit designed to help reduce drug waste and keep employees healthy and productive. It works by providing your employees with affordable genetic testing on an employer-paid subscription basis that can personalize their prescription drugs.
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Estrogen-containing contraceptives are generally used to prevent pregnancy as an elective drug. This class of drugs is heavily used by the female population and can be prescribed without prevailing symptoms. As such, estrogen-containing contraceptives are only tested if you become eligible for the test through any other drug on our Drug List. Non-eligible employees or dependents may wish to “opt-in” to purchase the full test separately (i.e. “Co-Pay”) at a significantly discounted rate.
Both employers and employees benefit from P3 in the following ways:
  • Less absenteeism
  • Less trial-and-error with newly prescribed drugs
  • Prevention of unnecessary medical leave caused by prescription drugs
  • Higher productivity
  • Better employee morale
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Your employees’ personal health information is kept private and confidential by Personalized Prescribing Inc. This means that the employer will never see their employees’ personal health information, and will never know who becomes eligible for the test. Please read our Privacy Policy and Privacy and Confidentiality.
If you are an individual patient, and the test is not covered by your employment insurance, please visit https://rxreport.ca to order the test online. The cost of the test is $499. If you are eligible to take the drug compatibility test and it is covered under your employment insurance, please contact us directly at info@personalizedprescribing.com or call us on 1-844-943-0210
Eligible employees can call us directly at 1 (844) 943-0210, or email us at info@personalizedprescribing.com Please have proof of prescription and your doctor’s contact information ready to confirm eligibility.
Please follow the instructions included in your kit to collect your sample.
Based on your choices when you consent to testing, your results may be shared with you, your healthcare professional, or both. Turnaround time is around 5-7 business days.
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