P3 is a new employee benefit designed to help reduce drug waste and help keep employees healthy and productive.

Employers are consistently burdened by persistent absenteeism, presenteeism, disability, and

medication waste, lowering overall productivity and driving up drug plan costs for their employees. Incompatibility to prescription-drugs is one of the major reasons for such health-related burdens on the employers.

Research has shown that most medications do not work on 50% of patients, where the medication is either ineffective or have negative side effects. The result is a prolonged trial-and-error period in selecting the best drug that works. This trial-and-error period can last months or even years, costing Canadian companies billions each year.

Pharmacogenomic tests can predict the right drug, at the right dose for the right person, at the outset, thus eliminating the trial-and-error process. A simple non-invasive cheek swab can identify a patient’s drug compatibility for a range of commonly prescribed drugs. This genetic test identifies the individual's ability to metabolize specific drugs based on their unique genetic make-up. To learn more about the Science behind the analysis, please Click HereTo know more details about the test, please click Genes Tested and Drugs list.