For Individuals Who Want to be Tested

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If you are an individual, and not employed by a company that has enrolled in P3, you may purchase an RxReport™ independently.

RxReport™ is a genetically-driven drug compatibility report. It uses genetic testing and the latest scientific evidence to identify which medications would work well for you, and which medications are likely to be ineffective or cause serious side-effects.

The type of genetic testing we use is called Pharmacogenetic Testing. This type of testing does not predict disease risk. We test only a handful of genes involved in the breakdown of drugs to identify which medications you are compatible with, and which you are not compatible with.

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Note: If you have a Healthcare Spending Account (HCSA) through your employer, you may submit your receipt after purchase to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Pharmacogenetic tests are CRA-approved medical expenses.


RxReport™ can help you and your doctor:

Determine which medications to avoid

Help reduce your negative side-effects from existing drugs

Give you peace-of-mind that your drugs are working

Help select the right medications for you


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